Birds of Steel Review

This game may fall victim to becoming popular within a smaller niche market

An adventurous aeronautical combat perspective on a memorable time in world history. Take off on an epic skyline journey across the pacific oceans from America and the battle of pearl harbor to japan and germany. A amazing display of action filled battles as planes take on ships and submarine with an arsenal of weapons from tail-gunners to torpedoes. Brilliant graphics to suck you into the ambiance as you twist and flip through the orange sunrises to purple sunsets. Feeling your stomach tickle the back of your throat as you dive through a blanket of stars on your unsuspecting enemies.

Follow the time-line of history in a historical campaign or re-write it in blood and steel in your own dynamic campaign. Become a hero of the single missions or destroy all your enemies online in multiplayer sessions.

A game commanding the realism of control as you are taken through real life simulations that feel as if you could actually smell the gas of your P-51D-5. Choose your rush from over 19 different plane, all with accurate historical realism or custom spray jobs to bring your own personal flair to war.

A guaranteed hit for the aeronautical enthusiast as a super realistic simulator from ignition to cut. Not as easy as it may seem but overcoming the challenges is the theme of the game. persistence and technique, as well as accuracy and finesse, are much needed qualities to be mastered here wether its 10 000 or 10 feet above enemy ground or International waters.

Gameplay can be tricky and leaving you frustrated at times however there are tutorials for quick play as well as simulation. Depending on your interest you may find the game quite slow to begin with as basic tutorials are provided and are vitally important in order to understand the basics of flight and combat. Controlling the plan and aiming at the same time is a skill that is paramount and can be fatal to the enjoyment of the game if this skill is not easily mastered.

John Wilson