Blades Of Time

Con’s- Poor story. Poor Animations. Irritating comments from main character.
After 10 minutes playing the game, you already know you want your money back. If you somehow manage to wade through the horrific gaming experience you will find yourself in a world of strange creatures and a lost storyline, Basically – You defied your guild master jumped through a porthole to a land of dragons and treasure… but wait….what treasure? You’re also searching for your friend Zero who was lost in the portal jump and you fear him a gonna’
The Game has some potential to it. However, the poor story line and week interaction make it nearly unbearable anything past 10 minutes of game play.
Should you, however, find yourself pushing through the pain. Nothing much changes. The odd interaction with humans takes place through the game. Other interaction can be found with an altar named Altar… He will instill you with powers in exchange for the essence you obtain by slaying enemies as the game progresses.
The game as a whole seems poorly designed and looks like allot of it was left empty and pointless, the design of the mobs is poor, when you zoom in with the gun there is slight or no detail on anything in the world around you. Ayume’s voice is probably one of the most irritating aspects of the game, When she isn’t stating the obvious she’s muttering on about how she’s going to die.
The Time rewind function is fun when it comes to thrashing down oversized gate guards and keepers. That’s about it with regards to fun in the actual game. Mob killing gets rather boring due to the monotones skills used, you do at certain stages get to unlock new abilities(through Altar), Ice and fire with some interesting combo’s which can be used to freeze or ignite your target adding a little spice to the game. other then that the basic just of it- You’re a Lora Craft wannabe’ stuck on an Island rumored to have treasure.
The game as a whole is close to unplayable making us doubt our own common sense for making the original purchase. It ignites a fire with-in the player to take it back and slap the owner of the store for stocking it to begin with.

John Wilson