DC Universe Online Review

So fun to play, great storyline, un-repetitive.

Glitches, Large updates.

DC has made the lives of so many unique, and now, comes the first proper game from the makers or DC, with all the original characters and a very cleverly written new storyline. The game is an MMO and, rather surprisingly, is free to play. It is a rather steep download of 19 Gigs, however totally worth it in my point of view.

You start out with a brilliantly animated intro movie explaining what is happening in the world inside DC Comics. You are then faced with character creation, a feature that must be perfect in a game, so as to avoid disaster. I spent about two or three hours making my character, constantly tweaking and altering, sometimes even re-starting completely until I had a perfect representation of the hero I would imagine I was as a child. The mere fact that you can choose how your character acts, moves and fights is great. The amount of fine tweaking you can do during the game, however, is completely mind-blowing.

Everyone starts with the same mission – escape from Braniac’s ship. You are assisted by Oracle over some kind of telecommunications device, over which she explain s to you in rigorous detail what to do. She seems quite annoying at first, and this does persist, but you might as well try to get used to it for it lasts for the rest of the game, and can become excruciating in the big missions if you let it annoy you. As in most RPGs and MMOs, there is one main storyline that is privy to the comics’ books as they were, following how the villains acted and looked. Then there are hundreds of side-missions, where many people will ask you to do many seemingly pointless things, which ultimately help you, gain experience and new items.

Some of the concepts of the game can be rather tricky to understand, however if you have someone who has played before helping you with the first few missions then you should do alright. The gameplay is great, the flight, speed and agility work perfectly, corresponding perfectly with how the characters in the comics would fly and be agile and speedy. The user interface and controls are set up perfectly, and you feel totally immersed in the game when you play, not feeling isolated or like you are playing some sort of combat simulator. The graphics are good and steady, but not too aesthetically pleasing; which is of course to be expected from an MMO, as they require their many users to have stable connections so as not to lag etc.

Despite all the good factors of the game there are, of course, one or two not-so-sturdy points of the game. Firstly, the updates. The game has rather large updates about once every two months, varying between two and four gigabytes. These are not such a bad thing, except for the fact that the download servers are all in America and Europe, so South African players with lower-end connections may struggle with the download speed. Also, the game is prone to glitching, such as freezing up etc. but then again, I suppose these patches are meant to fix these issues.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the game, and I will be playing it for a long time into the future. I think all DC fans should definitely get it, along with MMO and RPG fans.

John Wilson