Homefront Review

Homefront is a first person shooter which has obtained a lot of attention, possibly due to its completely refreshing setting, when compared to similar games, such as Battlefield or Call of duty. Homefront was developed by a fairly inexperienced developer; Kaos studio. Kaos studio has just one previous title to their name – Frontlines: Fuel of War – which was barely a noteworthy game by any standard, despite sharing.

The campaign on Homefront will be a pleasing new experience for players tired of the generic FPS setting and environment which usually consists of Middle Eastern as enemies, soviets as enemies, or a mix of the two. Homefront instead is set in a severely militarily diminished U.S.A, being invaded by a Korean alliance of countries. While the plausibility of this completely lacks any actual credible backing, it makes for a very unique experience, with some deep story moments, without losing the action packed feel that players will expect from a shooter, mixing up the gameplay regularly with sniper segments, vehicle segments, air support segments and some mounted gun sections.

However, the Homefront campaign is quite lacking in many aspects, most prominently its length. At just three to four hours the single player aspect of Homefront is incredibly limited. Without an internet connection, Homefront is certainly not worth paying for, as even additional missions to boost the game to a reasonable length (downloadable content) require one. This, coupled with the doubtful premise of the game creates an unsatisfying ending, which doesn’t reflect the potential the game could have portrayed.

The multiplayer of Homefront is the most solid reason to pay for the game instead of renting or borrowing, as without a single use pass available in the case (when bought brand new) or $15 you will not be able to level beyond level five online, out of a 75 level system. This put aside, Homefront is an excellent multiplayer game, which keeps all the hectic action of fast paced shooters like Call of duty, while combining it with the size and scale of games like Medal of Honour.

Homefront online has some very unique features which create an immense online atmosphere, such as battle points, an in-match currency system which pays for weapons, vehicles and air support. The setting of the single player game is also re-used, meaning all the maps use an urban setting, to create interesting conflicts and engagements. The weapon set is also up to scratch, utilising a wide range of weapons without having major balancing issues common in multiplayer games. The equivalent of a perk system is also a very nice addition to the game, rounding of the multiplayer off nicely

All in all, Homefront is definitely a great game, with many unique features and a very gripping storyline that anyone into alternate history (future?) will love. I would recommend Homefront to anyone into first person shooters who is up for a change in the regular routine of online play. However, anyone unable to buy this game new, or without an internet enabled platform (Xbox live, PSN, internet) will miss out on the majority of the gameplay and should give it a miss.

John Wilson