How to quickly level up and get epic cards

Hello to all Clash Royale fans! In the VC I often ask questions like: “How to raise an LVL? How to get major cards and how to move up in the arenas?”Friends, in this post I want to share with you my experience, give me advice on this occasion.

How to level up quickly

First question, how can I raise the level quickly?

Improve your cards. By improving the cards, you earn experience. The higher the level of cards, the more exposure for the next improvement you will learn.

Donate. For anybody, not a secret that in the Clash Royale is a beautiful donation. People don’t be greedy cards to their fellow clansmen, for what you share tickets you get coins and experience. By the way buying in the store one rare card for 40 gold, donating it, you will get 50 gold coins, such a “life hack”. Often buy standard scarce tickets that are frequently asked for. I recommend always donating cards.

I recommend using a variety of applications to get free gems. To do this, you can download the app clash royale free gems, and the site has a description and download links.

Progress. Complete all achievements in the game. By doing them, you will receive gemstone plus experience. By the way gemstone (gems) you can get free chests, regularly open chests if you do this you can get from 14 to 26 gemstones a day!

How to get the right epic maps?
To start, save all your gems! Do not use flowers that would buy epic cards, which a couple of weeks will fall out and so. A lot of players (and I’m at the beginning) allows for this error. As soon as you accumulate 500 gemstones (and it will quickly happen if you never spend), use them to buy 10 000 gold! Gold in Clash Royale is the most necessary resource. For 10,000 gold you can buy 5 historical maps! With each improvement of the card, the next development is much more expensive, spend the purchased gold to upgrade your essential cards (which you play), and in this way, you will quickly rise to the next arena.

Thank you all, good luck in the arena!

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John Wilson